Last night after dinner I had to run over to Target to pick up a few items- cat food, diapers, and some cards. Well, I looked through my coupons to see what was expiring today (I knew I had a lot expiring on 3/31) and decided to grab a few more things that I knew I'd need in the next few weeks. So, after spending about 30 minutes or so casually gathering my items I walked into the clothing section. Since I've been losing weight I don't have much that fits me (properly, at least) so I decided to try some things on. I left my shopping cart right outside the dressing room, and one of the ladies manning the dressing room told me she was just going to move it so it wasn't blocking the entrance. I tried my stuff on (didn't really like anything) and when I came out my cart was gone!

I was so angry! Well, at first I was relieved that I took my coupon folder with me, but mad that I had a shopping cart FULL of stuff and it was gone! The lady who was there was NOT the one who took my cart, and said that I probably forgot where I put my cart and was just mistaken., it was an employee who moved it, and of course she was no where to be found! I had to do all my shopping over again! And then of course I ended up waiting for 15 minutes in line to check out. Finally additional cashiers were called to help out, and the poor guy checking me out looked like he had NO idea what he was doing, and then of course was having trouble with my $30 in coupons.

Who knew a simple trip to Target could be so stressful?!?!

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3 Responses
  1. Mindy Says:

    Ugh... Shopping alone is supposed to be stress free!!!

    Congrats for needing new clothes, though!! Go G!

  2. We have had similar issues with Wal Mart. Those stores sell everything which is convenient and annoying at the same time :)

  3. Emily Says:

    Ugh. What a pain. I know most people love it, but I just can't stand Target! Awesome about the weight loss though...I love when I put something on and realize that it's just too big!