Still no belly! I have been feeling a good amount of movement though, so there certainly is a little pumpkin in there! I got Ken to take pictures- I think I need a new photographer. He just snaps off the pictures, didn't wait for me to be ready!

We spent the weekend in Maryland at my parents' house. Nicholas loves going there- a huge yard for him to run and play in without Mommy or Daddy right on his heels. He certainly tired himself out and slept well each night!

Other than that not much is new here. Mothers Day is this weekend, but we have no plans. Well, Ken is opening the pool. I will occupy Nicholas and keep him out of trouble! Last year it was warm enough to get in the pool by the first weekend in June- hopefully it will be the same this year. We will be going down the shore for Memorial Day (as usual), so Nicholas will celebrate his actual birthday there. I'm thinking a meal at Mack & Mancos is in order, plus lots of junk on the boardwalk. Probably more for me than him, but we still have to celebrate! Ken and I talked last night about doing a small family party sometime the week of his birthday, so I have to figure that out.

Well, here are the pictures for week 16. Maybe by week 20 I'll have a small bump!