Wow, I guess I should have seen it coming, but Erik is ALL over the place now! Not only is he crawling (at top speeds, mind you) but he's also pulling up on furniture, cruising along furniture, and *gasp* STANDING ALONE! Yes, just last week his brother was holding him up, and in typical three year old fashion- LET GO, and voila...Erik was standing there. By himself. For about 5 seconds. It seemed like an eternity to me, since I was across the room and was certain he was going to face plant into the floor. Alas, he did not. I, however got rugburn on my knees trying to reach him, as he gracefully lowered himself to his knees, and then hands, and quietly crawled away. People tell me he will be walking by 9 months. I pretend that I don't hear them. He's my LITTLE GUY...he is not allowed to walk yet. I won't let him!

Two more teeth have also appeared. One last Saturday, and another yesterday. Both his top front teeth, so the total is at four. These top teeth were a bit rough on him. He was cranky and woke up in the middle of the night a few times. Hopefully the rest will come in smoothly.

Well, we will see if next month I have a walker on my hands. Doesn't he know that there is NO rush to grow up?!?!

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A year?

Yes...a year!

For what you ask?

Well, it has been a year since Nicholas gave up his Nuk. (Pacifier, Binky, or whatever other term you may use.)

Nicholas was HOOKED on his Nuk. It was his comfort item, without a doubt. Towards the end he was mainly using it at naptime, bedtime, or in the car. However, if he found one he'd often just pop it in his mouth. Ken and I decided once Nicholas turned two we'd get rid of the Nuk. However, two weeks after Nicholas' 2nd birthday we were headed to Walt Disney World, and the thought of traveling (by train and plane) and being in an unfamiliar place would be a bit stressful without his comfort item.

Well, he proved us wrong!

We were leaving for Florida on a Saturday, and the Monday before Nicholas gave up his beloved Nuk- cold turkey. Ok, so the truth is it fell out while he was playing and he couldn't find it, and I told him I wasn't looking for it for him. Mean mommy (hey- I *was* pregnant at the time), but he really didn't protest much! The next day he found it (hidden behind the couch) and I simply took it, and we never turned back!

I did hate that so many pictures I tried to take of Nicholas were 'tainted' by him having his Nuk in his mouth, but I knew it wouldn't be forever. This is the last picture I have of him with his Nuk-