I know it has been a few weeks since I have updated- I've been slacking! Last night I had another doctor's appointment. Baby was hiding again and didn't want to let us hear the heartbeat. Finally heard it- going strong at 160 bpm. My blood pressure was normal- YEAH! I've been trying to eat healthier, I definitely am too young to have high blood pressure. Oh, and I lost 4 pounds since my last appointment. No biggie.

This morning I called to schedule my level II ultrasound. It is set for Friday, May 23. I'm very excited to see this baby growing inside of me. We're still not finding out the sex though!

This Friday I will take more belly shots. I don't think I'm showing any though. I am still able to fit into my regular jeans, and there is still a little bit of room surprisingly. I am definitely a lot smaller this time around than I was with Nicholas. Watch- I'll end up popping out and all of a sudden be bigger than I was with him!
Well, I am twelve weeks along already! It certainly is moving by quickly! I am starting to feel a whole lot better, which is nice since it is starting to get warmer and I want to be able to get outside with Nicholas.

I had my first doctor's appointment on Friday. Got to hear the little pumpkin's heartbeat- beating away at 154 bpm. It is the most amazing sound! I haven't gained any weight yet- in fact I'm still down a few pounds courtesy of the morning sickness. Good thing I have a few extra pounds to spare. I only gained 13 pounds with Nicholas, and I'd like to gain no more than 15 with this one.

Oh, and now that I've hit 12 weeks I'm going to *try* to take weekly picture of my belly. Not that you can tell right now. I can still fit in my regular clothes, but it will be nice to see the transition. I used the self-timer on my camera for these. Next week I'll get Ken to take the pics!

Please, please, please...if you have children in your home, please be sure your furniture is strapped and secured to your walls to prevent accidental tipping.

A mama on a forum I post on tragically lost her baby boy last night due to a dresser tipping over. My heart breaks for them. So, please- take the time to make sure your furniture is secure.

RIP Corey- you will not be forgotten.