I can't believe how quickly the past eleven months have flown by. This past month Erik has just grown by leaps and bounds! He is now walking. Not 100% of the time, but he can easily walk across the room without assistance. He has six teeth now- three on top, three on bottom. His vocabulary is pretty impressive (to me at least)- he says mama, dada, cat, dog, glasses (as in sunglasses), up, yes, what, and 'lis' which is in reference to Nicholas. He definitely has a sense of humor and a devilish streak in his personality. Oh, and he has a head full of hair that is starting to curl at the end. Nicholas' did the same thing, but as soon as we cut it the curls never came back. Oh, Erik is also still an excellent sleeper. Twelve to thirteen hours at night and 2-3 naps a day! Some days he sleeps as much as a newborn!

Now we are preparing for his big birthday celebration in a few weeks. It has been an amazing eleven months so far!

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I can't believe it is September already? It seems the older I get, the faster time flies by! This weekend is Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end to summer. We will be going to a BBQ on Saturday and a crab feast on Sunday, so we'll be wrapping up this summer season with some good food and good friends.

We did not take any vacation this summer. Ken and I only made it down the shore for one weekend, but the boys did get to go a few times with Opa and Nana. We've just had lots going on! And this fall is looking busy as well- birthday parties (including Erik's FIRST birthday), bridal showers, weddings, and of course trips to the pumpkin patch. I love fall- it is by far my most favorite season. I love waking up to cool, crisp weather- throwing on a pair of jeans, a warm sweater, and comfy boots. I love the apples that are in season...eating warm, homemade apple pie (made by my husband, NOT me), delicious pumpkin pie (this one *I* make), and all the other delicious treats.

So, although summer is coming to an end I am looking forward to the changing colors and cooler weather that fall will bring. This week Mother Nature seems to have realized that September is here- we already have cooler temps that have allowed me to turn off the air conditioning and open my windows. It is WONDERFUL!

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