Illness has made its round at our house. First it was Nicholas last week. He's about 95% better- just a slight cough every so often. Erik got hit next. Today he seems to be lots better, but still sounds congested. You'd never guess he was sick though- he's still one happy little guy!

And then the illness hit Mommy. During the day on Saturday I had a tickle in my throat, which is often how I know I'm getting sick. I went to bed early Saturday night, but still woke up feeling pretty miserable on Sunday. And then on Monday I was feeling even MORE run down, and today it has been even worse. My head is pounding, I've used about 3 boxes of tissues, and you might as well call me Rudolph- my nose is so red.

I guess the good news is that we've got some warm weather coming this way, so I can open the windows and air the house out. Get rid of all these germs! I definitely need to be better by Saturday- Twilight is being released on DVD and my girlfriends and I are having a Twilight viewing party.

3 Responses
  1. Hope you feel better! Wish I was close enough for the viewing party!! :)

  2. So sorry you all have been sick - that stinks. Baby Sister caught a stomach bug and has been sick too. :(

  3. Emily Says:

    Oh's never any fun when Mommy is sick! I hope you feel better soon!