Grey hair.

That's what Nicholas is going to give me. Lots of grey hair.

Nicholas is a great kid. He does a pretty good job of playing by himself while I nurse or tend to Erik. Generally he'll play with his cars or trains, read a book, or watch something on TV. So this morning I was sitting in the basement (our family room area) nursing Erik, and Nicholas went upstairs to the main floor to play with his train table.

Or so I thought.

After about 5-10 minutes I hear Nicholas come to the top of the stairs, and in a frantic voice say, "Mommy, my kitty cat!" I practically drop Erik on the floor, which he wasn't too happy about, especially since he was almost asleep, and race up the stairs.

The first thing I notice is Nicholas had put on his Flyers fleece jacket (backwards, mind you) and then I see the sliding glass door in the kitchen is open. I asked Nicholas where the kitty was (already knowing the answer) and he told me they were playing outside. Sneaky kid...I didn't even hear the door open! I go outside, and sure enough- BeBop is outside ON THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR'S DECK! Our decks are connected, but they're separated by a fence. So, I try to call to BeBop and beg him to come back. He looked at me as if to say, "Crazy lady, this is the first sign of freedom I've had in years...I'm not coming anywhere near you!" Or maybe he was thinking he had freedom from Nicholas.

So I go inside and grab the cat treats. Now, had it been Rocky (MY fat cat) he would have come running at the mere mention of a treat. Then again, he's such a scaredy cat he wouldn't have set one paw outside the door! I retrieve the cat treats, shut the screen door to try to keep Nicholas and Rocky from coming out, and attempt to entice BeBop to return to our side of the deck with these cat treats. A few minutes pass, and he finally gave in, jumped over the fence and I snatched him up and returned inside.

I'm thinking a new door lock is in order. And maybe a video monitor attached to Nicholas so I can see what kind of mischief he is getting into.

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