I can't believe my little man is four months old today! The time is passing by far too quickly! In the past month Erik is starting to be able to support himself more. He can now hold his head up 100% so he is able to enjoy his Jumperoo. Some days he just sits in there and watches his brother play. Other days he jumps and bounces his little heart out!

Erik also enjoys sitting in his Bumbo. Before we'd put him in the bouncy seat on the kitchen table while we ate dinner. Well, he was trying to sit up on his own (it looks like he's doing little baby crunches) so we broke out the Bumbo and now he's part of the family. One of these days I'll actually order his high chair. We're not planning on starting solids any time soon, so I'm really not in a rush.

Here is my handsome guy- Happy Four Months, Erik!
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  1. Brandi Says:

    Happy 4 months Erik :)