Anyone who has a child knows how important sleep is. Nicholas was a terrible sleeper as a baby. I don't think he slept through the night (and by that I mean at least 4-5 hours straight...not the 9 I'd like!) until he was 8 or 9 months. And even then- it wasn't a regular thing. I was a walking zombie. He was born in May, and it was 97 degrees the day we brought him home from the hospital...he did NOT want to be swaddled in that blanket. And later whenever we tried to swaddled he'd fight and wiggle his way out. I figured he just was one of those babies who didn't like to be swaddled.

Fast forward to sometime in 2007. On one of the forums I participate in I heard of the Miracle Blanket. I check out the link, and thought to myself that it couldn't possibly be that great, especially for that price. Then I had enough people tell me that, no- it is a great blanket and worth it, that I HAD to try it. Ok, I bookmarked the site for when the next baby came along. And when I got pregnant with Erik I did in fact remember, and received one as a gift.

So, along comes Erik, and the first night we brought him home from the hospital I used it. Not difficult to use, and kept him nice and snug. Pretty cool, I thought. He still woke to nurse every 3 hours or so, but I figured at less than a week old it was normal. I continued to use it though, and by the time he was 5 weeks old he was sleeping through the night. To the tune of 6-8 hours a night! Yes, six to eight hours of STRAIGHT SLEEP from a FIVE WEEK old baby. I completely credit this blanket. It really is a MIRACLE! Ken agrees! He talks this blanket up to everyone, and must be a good salesman, because at a party at his parents' house I had someone come up to me asking for the website information to order one. I actually ended up placing the order since I was ordering one as a baby shower gift! Which, by the way, this is now going to be my staple baby shower gift. The mom-to-be that I gave it to is excited to use it, and thanked me for the gift of sleep.

Erik is 16 weeks old and I still am using our Miracle Blanket. He still fits in it, but I don't think it will be for much longer- he's a big baby! Here he is, all wrapped up for the night a few weeks ago!


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