So, as I was reading through the numerous blogs I follow, I came across a post by my friend, Dani, and a little game she was playing. I decided to play along, and she gave me the letter H.

Just so you know, here is how you play. A blogger friend (that would be moi, or someone else if you choose, but in the words of Donkey from Shrek- PICK ME, PICK ME!) gives you a letter and then you have to come up with 10 things that you like with that letter. So, I have goes!

1- HEALTH. In fact, I love it. Before having Erik I took my health for granted. I've never really been one to watch much of what I eat, exercise, etc. And then when I had Erik and all the complications that arose I realized I had a lot to be grateful for. So since then I've been consciously taking better care of my health, and NOT taking it for granted.

2- HOME. Anyone can have a house, but IMO that is just the physical structure. I love the home that my husband and I have created. It is full of love and laughter. It may not always be clean, but we are happy, and that is what matters. (And, I do have to say the location of our home/house is pretty good, as we are blessed with some awesome neighbors!)

3- HOCKEY. If you know me, you know I LOVE hockey. Specifically the Philadelphia Flyers. LOVE THEM. (In fact, I just finished watching the Flyers kick the LA Kings butt!) Anyway, Ken and I bought ourselves season tickets to the Flyers as our 1st anniversary present. Forget jewelry...this girl wants hockey! We no longer have a full season, but we do have partial season tickets, and it makes for great date nights. Last week we actually took Erik to his first Flyers game- gotta start 'em early!

4- HAIR. Not just any hair, but my hair. I really like my hair. I'd say it is my best feature. It is a great color (auburn naturally, and no grey so far!) and it is fairly easy to style. For the longest time I wore it long. Super long. Like to my butt long. It was almost a security blanket. And in the past few years I started cutting it a bit shorter, and then back in December I went and cut it above my shoulders. And I love it!

5- HAMBURGERS. Yes, hamburgers. With cheese. You may call them cheeseburgers, but then they wouldn't start with an H. So I'm calling it a hamburger with cheese. I love a good burger. Nice and juicy. Preferably with cheddar cheese and bacon. Did I mention that I was a vegetarian for about 7 years? Looking back I don't know HOW I did it. I like meat way too much now!

6- HISTORY. Call me a dork now. I'm a history nerd. It was my major in college. Well, for a second it was. And then I said, "What am I going to do with a history degree?" So I became an education major. Secondary Education and Social Studies. AKA- History teacher. I love learning about different people and cultures and how things came to be. I've been known to sit and just read a history book for fun. Yes, BIG DORK! I accept it.

7- HIPPOS. As in hippopotamus. Yes, they are my favorite animal in the zoo. I've loved them since I was a kid. So much that I used to tell my mom that they were my cousins. Don't know why I thought that, but to me the hippos were my cousins. Since then I've loved them. When I heard the song "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" I thought it was perfect for me. Now you all are realizing just how strange and crazy I am. But I'm being honest, what can I say.

8- HONESTY. Speaking of being honest...yes, honesty is something I like. It is admirable. I'd rather someone be honest and straightforward with me instead of lying to me in order to spare my feelings or try to protect me. That never works. Give it to me straight- I'm a big girl, I can handle it.

9- HOT CHOCOLATE. One of my favorite things in winter. Nothing like having a big mug of hot chocolate after coming in from playing in the snow. Or, since we never seem to get any decent snow, I'll just have a big mug whenever! I really enjoy Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate with whipped cream (but NOT the white chocolate kind...ew!) but Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lovers is pretty darn good, too! And I've got Nicholas drinking it as well. Funny how I like hot chocolate, but hate chocolate milk. Again, I know- I'm weird!

10- HUSBAND. I don't just like him, I LOVE him! Ken is an awesome husband. He is kind, respectful, loving, playful, a great hands-on father, and my best friend. I could go on and on bragging about him, but I'll just sum it up by saying he is the best!

So, there you have it. Ten "H" things that I like. If you want to play leave me a message and I'll give you a letter! C'mon, it's fun!

2 Responses
  1. Suzan Says:

    Great list! I could use a distraction so give me a letter please? :-)

  2. goddesskms Says:

    Ok - I'm game. Give me a letter and when I get a chance I will see what I can come up with. LOL!