So yesterday was the big playdate. And I have to say it was a success. The kids had fun, there was minimal crying (from the kids, not the moms), and my house is still in one piece!

There were seven moms, 4 toddler boys, 1 preschool aged girl, 1 crawling girlie, and 6 babies. Yes, there was a baby boom, and it seems many of my friends and family were pregnant when I was.

Nicholas woke up yesterday morning asking when his friends would be over. He thought they would be there immediately when he woke up. Waiting the four hours until 11:00 was PURE TORTURE for him. Alas, he managed to keep himself occupied while I cooked lunch. How did he keep himself occupied, do you ask? Oh, by sneaking up to my bedroom, opening the tub of diaper rash cream, and painting me a lovely picture on my closet mirror. He came into the kitchen with white hands, and white around his face. I originally thought it was shaving cream. (He likes to "shave" with Daddy using a spoon, so this is what first came to mind.) Then as I was wiping it off I realized it was thicker, so I was a bit confused. Nicholas then asked for a paper towel to clean my mirror- so I went to investigate. I wish I took a picture. It was quite a mess. I managed to get the mirror clean- still working on my carpet.

Anyway...the playdate went well. I brought Nicholas' train table and cars to the living room on the main floor. They had fun playing with those, along with the LeapFrog letter magnets on my refrigerator. Oh, and they thought it would be amusing to spill popcorn on the floor. No big deal- they're kids. So as I was cleaning that, Nicholas decided that the remaining popcorn in the bowl would best be placed on his head. Yes, my son poured a bowl of popcorn on his head. He gets his strangeness from his father, not me! lol

Erik enjoyed watching all the action. He definitely is an abservant one, and was for the most part content just to sit and watch the older kids play. Although I think the excitement got to him at one point, and he fell asleep in his Bumbo! Poor guy! I put him upstairs for a nap, but it didn't last long- he wanted to be part of the action!


So, it was a fun time. I didn't take a before picture, but here is a picture of the aftermath. Not too bad. The hosue is still in one piece, nothing was broken, and the kids got to run out some energy. Heck, Nicholas didn't even fight me on naptime! That doesn't happen too often!


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