So, as I mentioned in my previous post I have broken a bone. To be more accurate, I've broken several. Each arm twice and a stress fracture on my hip. The first three arm breaks were within a four month period. Yes, three breaks in four months- first was my left arm (I fell down roller skating), then my right arm (fell from a pile of logs), and then the week after I got that cast off I broke it again (fell off my bike). I was five years old and in kindergarten. I wondered if DYFS was ever called, but my mom says that school just asked me a bunch of questions. Apparently I was able to explain that I'm just klutzy!

The next break was a few years later when I was eight. Once again, I was roller skating. Same skating rink. Broke the same arm. I think my orthopedic doctor really liked me. I'm sure my parents wanted to put me in a bubble! The stress fracture on my hip was when I was in high school. NOT pleasant at all, and that hip still irritates me at times. I joke that I'll need a hip replacement by the time I'm forty.

I have had plenty of other klutzy moments. I tripped over a curb and busted my chin open...had to get a few stitches. I've slipped on a patch of black ice and sprained my arm- although had to get X-Rays for that, because it was swollen and hurt like heck. When I took gym in ninth grade I managed to get hurt playing every sport...hit in the face with a basketball (yes, I was a basketball player, too), had a lacrosse stick hit me across the nose (lovely black eye), and heck, I even managed to cut my thumb open on a badminton racquet. Seriously, WHO gets hurt playing badminton? Yours truly!

I do klutzy things on a fairly regular basis, and most don't involve serious physical injury. I walk into walls, fall down AND up stairs, trip over my own feet. I'm a mess sometimes! I sure do hope my kids do NOT inherit my klutziness. And I sure hope they don't have nearly as many broken bones as I have had! Personally, I could do without any!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, it was the hospital that "grilled" you. Fortunately you were not the shy-type and able to express yourself very well!

    The mother of the klutz