A few weeks ago I was wandering through blogs and various book review sites, where I stumbled upon The Gospel According to Lost, by Chris Seay. I immediately knew I would be buying this book. I am a Lost junkie. It is one of the few things on television that my husband and I watch together. (The only other things we watch together are sporting events- baseball games, hockey games, and football games.) ANYWAY, I bought this book on Saturday night. I finished the book on Sunday morning.
My thoughts on the book- it was good, but I have to say I didn't LOVE it. The author looks into the character conflicts and relationships on the show and how faith and religion play a role in the show. This book was written after last season, and personally I wish the author would have waited until after this final season. The book was a quick read, and if you are a Lost junkie and have a chance to read it I'd definitely say to pick it up, but don't have high expectations.
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  1. Helene Says:

    I don't watch Lost but I can see how you wished the author would've waited for the final season before writing the book!!