Nesting has begun to set in. On Sunday night after Nicholas fell asleep I decided to clean up the nursery a bit. See, a few weeks ago when we moved Nicholas from the nursery to his big boy room we had a lot of boxes and just STUFF in the spare room that needed to be relocated. So, they were relocated to the nursery. I moved suitcases and some boxes and some random stuff out of there, and then I decided I wanted to rearrange the furniture. And if that wasn't enough I felt that my bathroom needed to be thoroughly scrubbed from floor to ceiling. I didn't feel too bad after that, but on Monday I was paying for it with extreme exhaustion and contractions on and off for most of the day. Poor Nicholas must have known mommy didn't feel well, because he was content to just snuggle with me most of the day.

The nursery still needs to be completed. There are a few boxes that are still in there, and the crib mattress needs to be raised. Although I have time, since I know the baby won't be sleeping there any time soon. My cleaning spree has continued into the kitchen, with the exception of me doing a thorough cleaning of the hardwood floor. I'm saving that, since when I cleaned the hardwood floor during my nesting period with Nicholas I went into labor the next day. Call me superstitious, but I'm not quite ready for the baby- YET! Granted, if s/he decides it is time to come, so be it, but I want at least another week or two.

Tomorrow is my 38 week appointment. Nothing exciting, in my opinion. Another week gone by is all. Surprisingly, I am much more comfortable at this point with this pregnancy than I was with Nicholas. With Nicholas his butt was in my ribs and I was just very uncomfortable all the time. I'm still fairly comfortable about 90% of the time, which I feel very fortunate about. I'm able to breathe easily, no major rib pain (unless the little one moves into the wrong position for a moment), and the only real complaint is that I am getting full shortly after eating, so it seems I'm eating every 2 hours- because I am!

Well, enough blabbering for now. Off to vacuum and dust while Nicholas naps!
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