I had my 40 week appointment a few days early, but got to see my favorite doctor. I lost a pound, my BP was good, andbaby's HB was in the 150s. I'm now dilated to 3cm and 80% effaced. 3 down, 7 to go- WOOHOO! I let the doctor know I wasn't comfortable with the scheduled induction for next week (at 40w5d) and he was perfectly ok with it- said to come back in on Monday and we'll do a NST & BPP to just check on the baby, but he totally supported my decision to not be induced yet and said I can wait until the following week. Although he said he doesn't think I'll make it until this weekend, so we will see. I walked around Target last night for an hour and not one darn contraction!!! I'm 39w5d today, and that's when I had Nicholas, so I'm hoping for a repeat.
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  1. BB Says:

    I'm happy for you that everything is going well. I hope your little one arrives soon :)