Well, at long last the day has arrived. My "DUE" date. Obviously it is just an estimate, as this little one doesn't have any concept of time. However, I didn't think I'd still be pregnant at this point. I don't know why...I guess part of me assumed that since Nicholas came a few days early that this one would be here at least a few days early. Oh well...this babe obviously has other plans!

Today is also my brother's 28th birthday. He's spending it in Iraq...not exactly ideal. He did call me the other night and told me not to have the baby today, he didn't want to share his birthday. At this point it doesn't look like this baby is coming today, so I think he's safe. Tomorrow is Ken's aunt's birthday, and Sunday is Ken's sister's birthday. So there is still a possibility that this babe may be sharing a birthday- or the babe might hold out until next week for their own special day. I have an appointment sometime on Monday. I'd have to look and see when it is- I just took whatever appointment they gave me, figuring I wasn't going to need it. Who knows... I may need it after all!

Once I pull myself together for the day I'll try to post some updated belly pictures. My belly has reached the point where my skin is so stretched it hurts and itches. Not pleasant. And it is quite large. I don't remember being this big with Nicholas. I think it has appeared out of nowhere!
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  1. I hope you are off having that baby right now! Good luck!