This has been a busy month for Erik! He is now MOBILE! At the beginning of the month he was just rolling all over the room, and that got him where he needed to be. Then about two weeks ago he started the army crawl. Now he is doing a combination of army crawl, inchworm, and then a little bit of regular crawling. And of course he is in to EVERYTHING! When we're in the basement he loves to crawl under my desk to try to get at the computer cords. He's bumped his head on the chair MANY times, and yet he still attacks! And now that he is on the move he does not want to sit in his Jumperoo or Exersaucer for long!

Now that Erik can move more I think Nicholas is enjoying having a little brother. The two of them will sit and play with toys, and I've been able to bring a few new toys out that have been in storage. I don't know that our house is big enough for all of this stuff! I do enjoy watching my boys play, and I can already see that they are going to be the best of friends!

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  1. that is so great. I love to watch kids playing with each other. I have a one and only, but she made friends with twins.