Three years ago today I became a mother. Just two days before my due date I went into labor, and at 3:46pm I gave birth to my first son, Nicholas Kenneth. In the past three years I've watched you go from a smiling, giggly baby to the goofy little boy you are today. You are definitely a comedian- you are always trying (and are usually successful) to make us laugh. This past year you also became a big brother- and you are a wonderful, caring, and loving big brother. And of course, you can always get Erik to laugh!

You definitely love your sports. You love watching the games on TV, and in the fall you know that Sundays are football days. (And you sing along with the commercial- "Feelin' kinda Sunday...") You enjoyed watching AND going to the Phillies games, and I love hearing you scream HOME RUN! And this year Daddy brought you the Wings games to watch lacrosse. He tells me you sit there with your box of popcorn (your latest favorite snack) and would watch and cheer. And of course you love playing your sports, too. You love to play baseball most of all lately- whether you're just playing catch or hitting the ball. And you're already doing a great job of hitting a ball pitched to you.

There are so many other things you enjoy- you've learned how to ride your tricycle, you love putting puzzles together, and of course you love to play! In the summer you love going on the water slide at Grandmother and Grandfather's house, you love to bounce on the moon bounce at Nana and Opa's, and you will take any opportunity to go to the playground or play outside.

It has been such a wonderful three years watching you grow, learn, and discover. I can't wait to see what this year brings! Mommy loves you, Nicholas. Happy third birthday!

3 Responses
  1. Dani Says:

    Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! Delaney will be two on Sunday!!

  2. Brandi Says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Nicholas!!!!

  3. Emily Says:

    Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!!! Three is such a fun age!