Well, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend- the unofficial start of summer. I know in the summer I am often trying to find things to do to keep us occupied. Especially on those super HOT days when being outside for long is not an option.

Last year I discovered that several of our local movie theatres had FREE or CHEAP kids movies. Yes, I said FREE! Can you really beat that price? Yes, the movies are not new releases, but most kids don't realize (or care) and they will watch the same movie over and over AND OVER again, right? (No, this is NOT coming from someone who has seen Cars more times than she can count!) Anyway, in my area the two main theatre companies that offer these movie programs are AMC and Regal.

AMC has the Summer Movie Camp, which has $1 movies on Wednesday mornings at 10 AM. They also have $3 Kids Packs which have a kid-sized drink, popcorn, and snack. All admission and concession proceeds go to charity- so you get cheap entertainment and contribute to a good cause!

Regal Entertainment Group has the Free Family Film Festival, which as the title says, is FREE, on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, also at 10 AM. Can't beat that price tag!

I've searched and found a few other theatre companies that are also offering various summer movie programs, including Cinemark and Rave Motion Pictures. Hopefully you can find a theatre near you and can enjoy a FREE (or cheap) movie with your kids this summer!

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