Living in Philadelphia we usually see snow on an annual basis. Most years it is nothing major. In fact, it is what I consider worthless. See, I don't care for the cold weather. Unless there is snow. And by snow, I mean SNOW. At least a good 6-8", preferably a foot of that white stuff.

This year we are certainly getting some REAL snow. Back in December we got hit with a storm that brought us about 20 inches. Nicholas had a blast playing in it. Then on New Years Eve when we were in Maryland we got a few inches...enough for Nicholas to go sledding down my parent's "mountain" with his cousins. (My parents don't live on a mountain, but their backyard has a great hill for sledding on!) Last weekend we had a small amount of snow...nothing worthy of breaking out snow boots or pants for.

Then Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon 2010 hit. Philadelphia recorded 28.5" of snow. Where I live...closer to 20" I'd say, but that is still A LOT! And Nicholas is loving it. He has gone out to shovel, play, sled, and have fun. He comes in to drink hot chocolate (with smarshmellows) and it results in him sleeping quite well! And did I mention...the snow is not over! We're due to get another storm tomorrow and Wednesday. The snow amounts keep increasing every time I look. The latest reports are estimating 10-18". Fortunately, I have NO where to go, and we have plenty of food. Ok, I think we'll go get more eggs, but we have plenty of other food!

I'm enjoying this snow now. It won't last forever, and I know there will be more years when I complain about the cold weather and lack of snow!

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  1. Brandi Says:

    We got about 14 inches over the weekend here in Ohio. We are supposed to get 6 or more inches starting tomorrow. I hate the cold and especially when I have to drive in it but I love playing in the snow with Ryan :)