Apparently the Philadelphia area has NOT had enough snow this winter. I mean, it is already the snowiest winter on record, but it appears Mother Nature wants to make sure this record isn't topped. Schools were cancelled both yesterday and today, but I'm questioning why. You see, yesterday we got MAYBE a total of two inches. Today we've gotten maybe two more, and it is pretty windy, but I really think the kid could have been in school. At this rate they will be going until July!

My husband tells me that according to the Farmer's Almanac we're supposed to get another big storm on March 7. I told him I'm moving. To the Bahamas. I like snow...really, I do. But enough is enough! My kids are sick and tired of being cooped up in the house. Nicholas doesn't care to play in the snow any more and Erik doesn't want to walk in it- he has trouble keeping his balance it seems!

So, if anyone has a spare ticket to the Bahamas...send it my way! Heck, I'll take any tropical locale at this point!

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