I guess it was time. While at the mall yesterday someone called Erik a girl. It was then I decided I was going to cut his hair. Chop those pretty curls. Granted, it has been so dry lately that his hair hasn't been curling as much, but I could see them after his bath. And now they are gone and I know I probably won't ever see them again. Nicholas had curls, but after his first hair cut they were gone forever.

Anyway, Erik did VERY well. Sat and let the lady cut his hair. I need to figure out how to style it. I don't like how it is just laying there. After his nap I fixed it into a faux hawk. I'm liking it. He looks super cute. Ken will probably hate it.

Here are the After & Before pictures. Yes...I know it should be before & after. I decided to be a rebel. ;)

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