A new year is upon us. Time for new beginnings. A fresh start.

My first goal here...time to revamp my blog. It is so BLAH!!! So I'll be looking for a new layout. And I hope to post more frequently...ideally once a week!

As for an update here- our Christmas was great. The boys were blessed with lots of new toys, and my house seems to have gotten smaller. My personal goal for 2010 it to become better organized. Yes, I try every year, but this year I'm going gung fact I started last week! I've been clearing stuff out and throwing things away that I DO NOT NEED. Yes, I like to collect stuff. I'm not one of those crazy horders, but I do hold on to things I really don't need to. Like clothes from 2002 when I was student teaching and I will NEVER wear again. Off to Goodwill they go! Someone else can use them!

Anyway, Happy New Year to All!
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  1. Brandi Says:

    Happy New Year!!! I hope many good things happen for you and your family in 2010 :)