For this week's NMM the focus is on the kids, and all they crazy things they have not done!

So (after you read all about my kids) head on over to MckMama's blog and check out what her MSC aren't up to, along with everyone elses kids!

On Friday, while eating dinner, Nicholas was NOT caught trying to blow raspberries/spit at the table, and in response to that he definitely did NOT try to explain it by saying, "But Daddy tells me if I have words stuck in my mouth to just spit it out!" Yes, I definitely did NOT get outwitted (yet, again) by my three year old.

And my darling eight month old Erik definitely did NOT pull out a box of books to climb upon in order to bang on my TV. That is something a much older TODDLER would do, not my LITTLE guy! And a few days later he most certainly did not push another box next to his toybox in order to use it to climb up on the toybox to get to Nicholas' toys on the windowsill that he isn't allowed to have! Nope, NOT Erik!


Such is my life as the mom of boys!

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  1. I LOVE being outwitted by the toddler set. After dinner, and having played outside for the better part of the afternoon, we announced it was bath time. Jake hopped down out of his seat and said "you go take a bath, Nick, I'm gonna go play."