Can I PLEASE stop time? We are creeping FAR too close to the one year mark, and I don't want my little man to turn one!

Ok, I suppose it won't be THAT horrible, but it does make me a tad bit sad!

So, this month has been full of new adventures. I have myself a climber. Erik climbs on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Really, he is TOO smart. He moves boxes and books and anything else he can find so he can climb to where he shouldn't be. And on several occasions he has given mommy quite a scare! Of course, he just smiles and laughs as if it is no big deal!

He is not walking yet, but crawls faster than the speed of light (ok, maybe not THAT fast, but he is quick) and cruises all along the furniture with ease. He will stand alone and it looks as if he is contemplating taking a step, but at this point we have nothing.

Erik has a few words- Mama, Dada, and something that sounds like a cross between Baba and Bop. Often you just hear him babbling or squealing with delight. He is still very much a happy, laid-back guy.

Erik is also enjoying some new foods. He loves eating bits of fruit and veggies and also small ditalini pasta. I still laugh every time he takes a first bite of food though, because he makes a face as if it is the most disgusting thing ever, and then he proceeds to gobble it all up!

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2 Responses
  1. Emily Says:

    I know time goes too fast! Charlie was 10 months this past weekend...noooooo!!!!

  2. It is such a fun age isn't it? Even with the first birthday looming. Big Sister turns one in 28 days - and I cannot believe it.