Our start on Wednesday was an early one- we had an 8:00am reservation at Tusker House for the Donald Safari Breakfast. Out of all of our character meals, I think this one was my favorite! I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the food was better than most of the other buffets (especially for breakfast), and they had the kids get up for a parade around the restaurant, which Nicholas had a blast doing! I definitely plan on eating here again!


The first stop after breakfast was It's Tough to Be a Bug. Erik really didn't care for the show (or the 3D glasses) but of course Nicholas got a big kick out of it! Our group then split up and the little kids (with their parents) all headed over to DinoLand USA where we rode Triceratop Spin (a hit for all the kids) and then let the boys run out some energy in the Boneyard.

I then checked the map and saw that Nicholas was tall enough for the ride Dinosaur. So, while Ken hung out with Erik, I took Nicholas over. We immediately were approached by a Cast Member who asked if we had a Fast Pass. I let her know we didn't, and she then said we were being picked as a "Magical Family" and we got instant access to the ride- even bypassed the Fast Pass line! Unfortunately, the ride really scared Nicholas! It was completely in the dark and he clung to me for dear life! I have to admit, it was a bumpy ride and had I been on it before I would not have taken him!

However, his fear did not stop Nicholas from riding Expedition Everest! I was SHOCKED, especially because Nicholas does not like riding Vapor Trail at Sesame Place, which is a tame roller coaster in comparison! And after Expedition Everest he went on Kali River Rapids. We then had a quick break for lunch before going to see Festival of the Lion King. Both of my boys LOVED the show! (On a side note- our last trip we took Nicholas, then age 2, to see Finding Nemo- The Musical, and he loved it! So I recommend both shows!)

To finish up our trip to Animal Kingdom we went on the Kilimanjaro Safari. Erik was SUPER excited about this, and everyone enjoyed spotting the various animals. It was a great way to end our day before heading back to the pool for some relaxation.


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  1. Helene Says:

    It sounds like you all had so much fun!!! It's been ages since I've been to WDW but we're hoping to take the kids within the next year or two. My oldest son would love the DinoLand!!!