I know I say it every month, but I can't believe it has been HALF a year since my little guy was born. I still remember it as if it were yesterday.

Erik has had quite an eventful month. He's got not ONE, but TWO teeth now! The first (his lower right) came through on Easter. I had NO idea he was even teething! On Good Friday he was a bit cranky and I felt that the tooth was close, and BAM...Sunday it was through! I can deal with that. And his second tooth broke through this past Friday, the 24th. No more gummy bear!


The day after his first tooth broke though *I* finally witnessed him roll from his back to his belly. He had been trying, and I think he had done it before, but I never saw it myself (so it doesn't count) until then. And the day after he rolled over, he said MAMA! Busy boy, I tell you!

We've also started experimenting with some foods. I wasn't planning on starting until 6 months, but when he grabbed the banana in my hand that I was peeling for his brother, I figured he was interested! So far he has enjoyed bananas, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, and he's sampled squash...but we need to try that one again because he wasn't too fond of it the first go round.


And I know last month I mentioned Erik had found his piggy toes and started playing with them. Well, this month they found their way to his mouth! He always is chewing on his toes right before he gets in the bath and right when he gets out. It is too cute!


Erik goes sometime in May for his six month well baby visit, so I will update with his latest stats at that point. I'm sure he's around 19 pounds or so, and he's definitely getting long!

Here is a picture of Erik taken today at exactly 5:10 PM, 6 months to the minute of the moment he was born. I can't wait to see how much he grows in the next six months!

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  1. Emily Says:

    what a cutie-pie! I love love love the toe chewing! Six months is such a milestone to me. He's adorable!

  2. Okay, the first thing I noticed is that the first picture is exactly how I feel now that the Rangers season is over (I am guessing he is crying over the Flyers though but either way we are in the same boat - five months till next season :)). And as for those toes in the mouth - Baby Sister does that too. All the time. :) And she grabbed food out of my hand to start eating too. A few months ago though. And go on and keep saying you cannot believe how long it has been - I still cannot believe it myself. Mine I mean :)