We went to Ocean City, NJ again for Easter this year. We were excited because we wanted to take Nicholas to the Easter Egg Hunt on the beach on Saturday. Well, Saturday brought rain, wind, and cold weather! So they just handed out some eggs on the music pier. Luckily the weather was nice on Sunday and they were able to hold it then. They put 50,000 eggs on the beach, and the kids are divided into ages. Nicholas was in the 1-2 group, although he will be three next month, and does NOT look 2. He had fun- filled his buckets and got candy, little trinkets, and a few cool prizes- a free game of Miniature Golf, tickets for rides at the amusement pier, and a stuffed bunny that had a prize for Mommy & Daddy- a $100 gift certificate to a Bed and Breakfast! WOOHOO! Good job, Nicholas!

Ready for the Hunt-

Checking out the loot with Daddy-

Sunday morning Nicholas did have a hunt for eggs in the house. Here are a few pictures of him seeing his Easter Basket and hunting.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And some family shots-

Photobucket Photobucket

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