Well, cold season has hit our house. Actually, this is round 2. Round 1 was the week after we brought Erik home. Nicholas had gotten a cold and shared it with Erik and Ken. Luckily, I avoided the cold, but instead I ended up back in the hospital. I think I would have rather had the cold! Anyway, last week Nicholas got another cold. (I don't know where he is getting them- we really haven't gone anywhere!) I thought originally he had strept throat or an ear infection, because he was complaining that his throat and ear hurt, and he was running a fever, but after a trip to the doctor it was confirmed that he just has a nasty head cold. And then late Saturday night both Ken and I started to feel sick. I think Ken has it worse than I do. I only feel really bad first thing in the morning and then later in the evening. Erik is slightly congested, and I hope that he doesn't get anything but the congestion. I just worry that he'll end up with RSV. My biggest symptom right now is I have no voice. It makes things interesting, especially since Nicholas doesn't want to listen to me when I do have a voice! Let's just hope this all passes quickly and we're healthy for Christmas next week!
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  1. Brandi Says:

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon (((hugs)))