No, I am not abandoning this blog. I am simply creating a new one. I don't make resoltutions for the new year, but this year I'm setting some ongoing goals for myself. One of those goals is to become a better photographer. And to help improve my photography I am embarking on an adventure called Project 365. You can learn more about it here.

So, starting tomorrow, and for every day in 2009 I will take and post at least one picture a day. (I may not post every single day, but take pictures daily and post weekly.) I hope that by the end of 2009 I will have improved my photography skills and also have some great pictures to reflect upon the year.

I hope that you enjoy my new blog. You can visit it at
3 Responses
  1. me Says:

    I stumbled on your site through Twinsanity/through MckMama. I also started a blg for photos for a year. I look forward to seeing your year in photos.

    My site is themagicofmynikon.blogspot.comm


  2. goddesskms Says:

    What a super cool idea! I might have to think about doing that....although I'm not sure I am much of a photographer. Either way - it would still be a great memory.

  3. Dani Says:

    I copied! It's the blog that used to be for homeschooling but I suck at keeping updated! :o)