So...I had a bit of an adventure on Monday. The morning started out fine, but right around lunch things got crazy.

Start off with Nicholas having the rankest smelling diaper known to man. (Um...the kid eats apples a million times a day- seeds & all!) So I manage to clean that and my phone rings. It's my mom. I'm not even on the phone with her 5 minutes when Ken's cat starts puking (yes...when the cat is puking, he is 100% Ken's cat!). Well, vomit & I don't mix. I start gagging (and quickly hang up with my mom), and then I end up throwing up and was a complete mess. So I decided I needed to take a shower to clean up and relax.

I take Nicholas up to his room, put the gate up at the top of the stairs and then locked my bedroom door so he couldn't get in there. There's just too much for him to get into, including the laundry room. I took a shower, wrapped myself in a towel, opened the door, and realized that I didn't have the key to get back in my room. So I had no clothes, and my fat 8 1/2 month pregnant butt just broke down. I called Ken crying...he could barely understand me, but he ended up coming home to let me back in the room.

Needless to say, I don't plan on locking the bedroom door any time soon!
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