When you're 7.5 months pregnant (or heck...if you're pregnant at ALL) please do not try to do a split. It will hurt like no one's business and you will look like a fool!

So this afternoon Ken and I decided to go out and hit up a few stores to do some shopping, since we don't have Nicholas for a few days. As we're leaving Best Buy it is drizzling outside- no big deal. Except for the fact I'm wearing flip flops, hit a slippery patch, and proceed to do a split in the middle of the parking lot right in front of the store where people are driving and walking all around me. I was so far down on the ground and my legs were so far apart I had to get Ken to help me up. I think I pulled every darn muscle in my left butt cheek. A bit painful, not something I recommend. At least I was laughing at myself. I manage to do stupid crap like this all the time.

But please remember...leave gymnastic stunts to the Olympians, and do not attempt while pregnant!
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