I've been slacking! Bad blogger!!! I have my 20 week pictures to update, but that requires me to download them off the camera, and well- I just haven't done that yet! Soon, I promise!

Anyway, the past month has gone well. We had our big ultrasound on May 23- the baby looks GREAT!!! The spine is perfectly formed (there is family history of neural tube defects, so we had a level 2 u/s to make sure it was ok) and we have a three-vessel cord this time! Nicholas had a SUA- single umbilical artery, so we had monthly u/s to monitor his growth. No need this time...just the one ultrasound! Ken was thrilled to hear all was ok, but is a little bummed that we won't get to see this Pumpkin on a monthly basis!

Oh, and the sex is still a surprise! Ken is thinking girl- he said the baby's features looked more feminine. Personally, I thought they looked more alien like, but at 19 weeks the baby hasn't really got any fat!!! We'll start a pool again soon to guess the baby's sex & stats. I'll be sure to post that link.
Here are pictures from the ultrasound:

After our ultrasound I had my regular appointment on May 28. Still no weight gain (actually, I've lost 15 pounds at this point) and my blood pressure looks great. The baby really likes to hide when it is time to listen to the heartbeat. It took almost 10 minutes to find it this time! At the u/s I believe it was 150 and then at our appointment it was 154. (Or vice versa...I can't remember!) I am still carrying a fair deal smaller than I was with Nicholas. I wish I had taken pictures while I was pregnant with him so I could compare. Oh well- can't turn back time!

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