My baby boy is TWO! I can't believe how quickly these two years have flown by! He is just getting to be so big! We were in Ocean City (NJ) and we had a fun weekend! Our friends drove up from Wildwood, so we took the boys to the boardwalk for some fun on the rides. Nicholas loved them all and would cry when it was time to get off! Glad we have a booklet of tickets- we certainly will make good use out of them!

We had a small celebration the night of his birthday. Ken grilled up some yummy filet mignon, along with corn on the cob, salad, and some other sides I have forgotten! Of course, this was followed by birthday cake. We decided on a small ice cream cake. The birthday boy enjoyed it! He got a few presents- some nice clothes from Nana & Opa, a truck, and some coloring books. He probably got more that I have forgotten already! lol

Here are some pictures from that weekend!

Opening up presents first thing in the morning!

Make a wish!

His new truck!

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