Well, I haven't updated lately. I'm still suffering from all-day sickness. It had been strictly nausea until today. Today I actually got sick. I hate getting sick. I get so miserable. I'm hoping once the second trimester hits this will subside- I don't think I can take it much longer.

Nicholas will now say baby all the time. He points out babies wherever he sees them, and will blow raspberries on my belly, but I don't think he really has a clue. Maybe once I start showing.

And no...I'm not showing yet. I've actually lost weight with being so sick. When I was pregnant with Nicholas I was in maternity pants around 10 weeks. Well, I hit 10 weeks this Friday, and I'm still fitting quite comfortably in my regular clothes. It works for me though!

Next weekend I'm taking a mini-vacation to Texas. I'll be flying into Dallas and staying with my friend Kelly, and then we'll be driving down to Houston. We're meeting up with a bunch of other chicas from our loop. It should be a good time. Pray that I feel better by then- I need to enjoy all the wonderful grub that Texas has to offer!
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