Who sent the germs to my house?!?! Well, please take them back- we've had enough!!!

Last Monday night I arrived home from my vacation to Texas. (I promise to post about that next week!) Tuesday was Erik's birthday, Wednesday was a day to just kinda catch up on everything, Thursday I had to take Nicholas to preschool and run Erik to the doctor for his 12 month WBV, and then Friday was Nicholas' Halloween party at school. Then since Halloween was on Saturday I took the boys to Sesame Place for some trick-or-treating and some special quality time with mommy. On the ride home both boys fell asleep, which wasn't too odd, but then Nicholas continued to lay on the couch once we were home. He said he was tired and didn't feel well. After a trip to get more Motrin and a new thermometer I come home and discover he's got a fever close to 103. After a nap he felt better and his temperature went back to normal, so he did get dressed for trick-or-treating. He only hit half the block before he was ready to come home. UH KNOW if a three year old tells you he doesn't want to ToT that something is up. Fast forward to Monday morning...a trip to the doctor revealed strep throat. After about 48 hours on the antibiotics he was feeling much better.

And then comes hit number two. Today right before lunch I was changing Erik's diaper and he felt warm. Slight fever and a rash all over his abdomen, chest, and back. He's had some loose stools for a few days, which didn't bother me, but now the fever and rash had be calling the doctor. No strep for him, just a virus. However tonight he woke up after about 2 hours sleep and was just crying. He layed down with Ken and then he vomited. I felt bad for Ken, but in a way I was glad it wasn't me...I don't deal well with puke!

So, in the past week I've been to the pediatrician three times. I think I've met my quota for the season. Tomorrow I will be investing in some more Lysol and disinfecting this house!!!

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