A year has come and gone, and how fast it has passed! A year ago today, at 5:10 PM I gave birth to Erik Joseph, via emergency cesarean section. At first look it seemed that Erik was a clone of his big brother, but today we see he has developed his own look, and personality!

Erik has been a great sleeper since day one. He slept through the night (seven hours) at one month old. Today he sleeps eleven or twelve hours at night and naps two or three times a day. He really enjoys his sleep!

Erik now has eight teeth- four on top, four on bottom. He uses those teeth to feed his growing appetite. While he is not a picky eater he certainly prefers meats over vegetables.

While pregnant with Erik his nickname was 'Pumpkin,' but now Chatterbox might be more appropriate. He has quite the impressive vocabulary- around 15 words. He even has 2, two-word phrases- "Hi, Dad!" and "Touch that." He babbles plenty still, and I love to listen to it!

Erik not only walks, but he runs and climbs! I have a feeling that he will be my escape artist! I guess it is because he has his big brother to catch up with! I really enjoy watching the two of them interact. You can already see the bond between them, and that they are the best of friends!

It has been an amazing year watching Erik grow and learn. I look forward to all the years ahead! Happy birthday, Erik! Mommy loves you!

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2 Responses
  1. How very sweet!!! Happy Birthday to the little one!!

  2. I'm so late on this but I still had to say Happy Birthday!